Great snacks for your evening cravings

After a hearty lunch, we start getting food cravings all over again in the evening. No heavy meal, but a light and tasty snack would suffice this interim period of hunger. Well it is difficult to cook up new snack ideas every day on your own, but it also gets quite boring if you eat the same thing in the evening over and over again!

Well, if you are looking for some great ideas when it comes to satisfying your evening cravings, then here is a plate full of ideas which you can serve everyday for your friends and family:

snacks for your evening cravings

1.      KhamanDhokla: Well if you want to keep it light and spongy, then there is no better option than a plate of khamandhokla. Served with delicious chutney and some fried Kari leaves, this dish is a famous one from Gujarat. It is one of the most popular evening snacks item that you can enjoy for a nice and light meal during the evening. These little square sponges are quite easy to make at home as well and is a regular in Gujarati households. If you like it, then you can check out the khaman recipe so that you can make it on your own at home.

2.      Bekti fries: If you are craving for something fried and crispy then bekti fries are a really good option. These can be enjoyed with Kasundi or tomato ketchup and can be served with some salad by the side. These are quite filling and hence it is best not to have more than two at one go in evening. Best served hot, couple the bekti fries with a fresh cup of green tea and you will have your perfect evening meal ready!

3.      Sandwiches: When it comes to having tea the English way, what better option than to go for sandwiches! These are really easy to make at home and if you have a sandwich grilling machine, then you can grill the sandwiches too! Jam sandwich, mayo sandwich, chicken sandwich- your options are too many when it comes to sandwiches. If you make chicken sandwich you can also serve the chicken broth along with it. If you have kids at home then this is bound to be a hit amongst them!

4.      Dosa: South Indian delicacies are perfect for evening snacks. Nice and crispy, dosas are served with chutney and a sambhar which combine together to set your taste buds on a role! If you are craving for some south Indian dishes, then you can always opt for a dosa in the evening.

5.      Dumplings: Dumplings or momos are perfect for the winter evenings. Served with a hot soup and spicy sauce, dumplings are a particular favourite when the temperature starts dropping. If you want you can have either pan fried or steamed momos as per your preference. This dish from the hills is a hit in the plains of India too!

These are some fun and delicious snacks from around the country, that you can easily make at home and entertain your guests with!

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